That same breakfast, that same book, that same board game, that same cup, that same barbecue, that same conversation, that same laugh… It is better

Whether you have a small balcony, a terrace with plants or a large garden, nothing compares to feeling the breeze and the light of an appealing moment outside.

So no more terraces left behind, no more empty balconies, no more sad gardens. Whether for a moment of relaxation in solitude or for a great
celebration with a barbecue and friends, the time has come to make sense of our outdoor spaces. Let’s fill them with experiences to share, of memorable moments, of life.

But be aware that having a beautiful and functional terrace is a power that also carries with it a great responsibility: to be the host, to be the hostess. To be that person who will invite friends for a vermouth, who will organize those eternal summer dinners with friends and who will bring the family together to share a meal on a Sunday in spring.

Could this be you? Perfect, our mission is to make you the best of all. Starting today, you are going to be an authentic and infallible Outdoor Host.

SHAF. Life is better outdoors

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Enjoy the outdoor life with your loved ones