The happiness of life in the open air generates plastic waste.

With plastic waste we design outdoor furniture.

Furniture makes those moments of happiness outdoors possible.

And the SHAF circle begins again.


After an evening of dinner, drinks and laughter with friends, sitting on the terrace sharing anecdotes, what happens to those plastic crisps packets and the bottles of drinks? This is the question that a whole generation started to ask and that today permeates our whole society.

We are beginning to realise that there is no planet B and that our survival as a species depends on starting to shape our way of life to make it more sustainable. Living to recycle? Rather, it is about recycling to live.

SHAF, as well as the entire SP Berner Group, has not disregarded this ecological challenge. For more than 10 years, we have had our own recycling plant in Spain, with which we give new life to plastic waste. With it, we produce furniture that combines design, utilitarianism and sustainability at an affordable price.

Yesterday what were remnants destined to pollute the Earth, are today a part of a beautiful garden set in which a couple is talking about how their last trip went, while they are grabbing a bite of some aubergine hummus. And, the plastic waste of that beautiful evening tomorrow could become another terrace chair where someone else will be relaxing in another corner of the country.


+ 60% from recycled plastic


+ 60% from recycled plastic


+ 40% from recycled plastic


+ 40% from recycled plastic


+ 40% from recycled plastic


026E46F5-D4DC-42C1-B813-5699D412EB4B Created with sketchtool.

In 2020, 4 out of every 10 kilos of manufactured material was Recycled plastic.

Our products are for life.

EPRO award

European Award for the Best Recycled Plastic Product

100% recyclable

At Shaf we want to close the circle of our business model and move towards a circular economy.

We have two leading recycling plants in Europe

Our commitment in 2020 is that 50% of our manufacturing is PURE RECYCLED PLASTIC.

0% of waste by promoting UPCYCLING.